A picture may be worth a 1000 words but a good picture on well placed classified ads can increase your sales 1000 per cent.

Having a digital camera does not necessarily make you a professional photographer. conducted a 13 week study to understand how important quality pictures were to the overall success of a classified ad campaign. Our hypothesis was that a top quality professional photograph would generate at least 10 times more interest than an ad with no photo and 5 times more interest than an ad with photos taken by an amateur with a point and click digital camera. We conducted tests with real estate sales and rentals, automobiles, retail items, and a service business.

Are hypothesis was not far off with the only area that did not fall + or - 20% of our hypothesis being the service business testing. Every other area saw dramatically better results with professional photography.

At we have our own in house photographer who can bring your items to life and help you increase the sales and leads generated by your ads. That being said, whether you use our in house photographer or you get a photographer of your own the value in having quality photographs is well worth the investment.