Gold Level

Every client has different needs when choosing an ad posting program. The packages we have designed cover most client`s needs...custom designed programs are also available!



Gold Package - $249 per month




The gold package is the best classified ad only package that we have to offer. With eight ads being posted five times a week it truly allows our professionals the ability to target whatever markets the client wishes to target. Those markets can be local or world wide. The ads can be changed as often as the client wishes and strategies can be changed on the fly. This package offers maximum flexibility, maximum exposure, and in the end maximum results. For those clients who wish to ad social network marketing to their campaign our Platinum Package is essentially the Gold Package + Social Networking!

With the gold ad posting package you receive the following:

8 ads including up to 4 photos with each ad, posted Monday to Friday on leading online classified sites in any area you choose. Our posting strategies will guarantee that your ad remains as close to the top of the listing category for as much time as the possible.*

* based on the acceptable posting practices of various classified ad sites.

Copy of any ad may be changed at any time

2.5 hours per month of telephone internet marketing consultation services.

Price is $249 / month